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Ways To Tell If Someone Has Had A Nose Job

  • ByMedical Content Team
  • Medically Reviewed byDr. Sabine Kulhanek
  • Fact checked

Ways To Tell If Someone Has Had A Nose Job

Unless someone you’ve known for long has been the center of attention for their hooked, crooked, or very big nose and suddenly shows up with a beautiful straight nose or even a ski jump one, spotting a rhinoplasty, especially a well-performed one, is not an easy job.

Such dramatic changes leave no place for secrets; a nose job must have been involved. However, if you’ve rarely met someone or have never met them before, or if the changes are not very obvious, it would be tricky to detect a nose job. Except for few who may enjoy having an exaggerated “I had a nose job” look, many people undergoing rhinoplasty prefer subtle changes, leading to a natural shape that enhances their beauty while still being very much like themselves.

What Makes It Easy or Difficult to Detect a Nose Job?

A perfect rhinoplasty does not easily reveal itself. It is usually believed that a good nose job seems quite natural with no telltale signs of plastic surgery. Such a masterpiece for sure requires a great deal of knowledge, artistry, precision, and adroitness. But there are also other factors contributing to a natural outcome that does not reveal the prior history of surgery.

Surgeon’s Expertise

A skillful surgeon is a key factor in a successful nose job that provides a balanced flawless result. Experienced rhinoplasty surgeons pile up substantial practical knowledge regarding different types of noses, their bone structure, and skin texture. Therefore, predicting the challenges as much as possible, they apply the best method and the highest level of precision to improve the overall appearance of the nose, creating a beautiful natural nose with the fewest possible traces of surgery.


So, if you’re one of the many people who wouldn’t want a fake look or would like to keep your nose job a secret, you’d better take your time finding a skillful nose job surgeon

Patient’s Preferences

Another factor affecting a rhinoplasty result and how flawless and natural it seems comes back to the patients, themselves. Besides the post-op care which could impact the new nose shape, the patient’s preference also matters when it comes to the nose job result. Patients preferring a fancy snub nose, a very small, or too upturned nose are more likely to reveal their nose job surgery later on. However, those opting for a natural style to improve their nose imperfections with subtle fine-tuning can simply keep it a secret unless they decide otherwise and let it out.

Surgery Method

Whether to have open or closed rhinoplasty can contribute to the noticeability of a nose job. Unlike open rhinoplasty, the closed method does not involve any external incisions, therefore, leaves no scar after the surgery which makes it almost impossible to tell if a nose job has taken place from the surgical signs. On the contrary, open rhinoplasty includes an incision on the space between the nostrils, known as columella, which may leave a scar you can detect if you look very carefully. However, it is almost invisible in many cases. Again, whether to go under the knife with the closed or open rhinoplasty mainly depends on your preference. Yet, your doctor will let you know which method is the best for you considering what you expect from the surgery and your nose condition. While the closed rhinoplasty is carried out faster, comes along with less swelling and there are no incisions and scars involved, open rhinoplasty is the better option for difficult noses needing more structural changes.

How to Spot a Nose Job?

As mentioned before, the quality of a nose job greatly depends on the surgeon’s experience and mastery. However, the surgeon can’t predict everything happening after the surgery. What sounds perfect on the operating table may not exactly give the same impression months later. An unsatisfactory rhinoplasty could be the result of a botched surgery and also a poor healing process and post-operative care. Well, of course, in such cases, it is easier to spot a nose job, a failed one for sure. It usually results in poor form and structure, irregularities, asymmetries, and even breathing difficulties.

Here are some common signs of a botched rhinoplasty:

Spot the Difference: Comparing Natural Noses and Rhinoplasty Results

Aspect Natural Nose     Rhinoplasty-Altered Nose
Shape and Size     Naturally occurring shape and size     Can have a more symmetrical or altered shape and size
Nostril Appearance   May have natural asymmetry or variation in nostril shape     Nostrils may appear more symmetrical and refined
Nasal Bridge     Usually has a natural contour and bone structure     Bridge may be straightened, raised, or reshaped
Nasal Tip     Can have various shapes and positions naturally     Tip can be refined, reshaped, lifted, or rotated
Scarring No visible scarring unless from injury or previous surgery     May have scarring at the columella or nostril base
Breathing Function     Usually no impact on breathing function     Breathing function can be improved or compromised
Facial Harmony     Contributes to overall facial harmony and balance     Can be adjusted to enhance or alter facial features
Subtle Differences     Natural variations and imperfections are common     May have a more refined and perfected appearance
Surgical Telltale Signs     Typically no obvious signs of surgical intervention     May exhibit signs like visible incisions or altered anatomy

Too Upturned Nose


While upturned noses, also known as snub or pug noses, are naturally common and also very popular among rhinoplasty candidates, especially women, too upturned noses are usually signs of a botched rhinoplasty. Going too far with rotating the nasal tip can create a pig-like nose which reveals too much of the nostrils.

Pinched Nasal Tip

Over-reduction of the lower lateral cartilage could result in too narrow nasal tips which give the impression of a collapse on the top of the nasal wings. This creates a form called a pinched nasal tip and while it could be congenital, there’s also a good chance that a bad nose job has been involved.

Too Large, Small, or Asymmetrical Nostrils

The nostrils are another part of the nose that can give away a nose job. Unnatural nostrils could indicate a bad rhinoplasty. If you run into people with asymmetrical nostrils either in size or shape, too small or big nostrils, you are probably seeing someone who’s undergone an unfavorable rhinoplasty.

Nasal Irregularities

An irregular dorsum with jagged bones and uneven texture which could affect the nose's feel as well as its appearance could be a result of unsuccessful rhinoplasty. 

Very Low Nose Bridge

A very low nasal bridge is another indication of a botched nose job. Excessive reduction of the bone and cartilage inside the nose can weaken the internal supporting structure causing the nose to cave in or collapse. 


Disproportionate Appearance

An experienced surgeon considers all of your facial features before reshaping your nose so that your new nose won’t be disproportionately large or small compared to other parts of your face. When somebody’s nose doesn’t seem to belong to their face, you can guess that they’ve been a victim of a botched rhinoplasty.

Breathing Difficulty


Although breathing difficulties are not something you can see, it’s another sign of a problematic rhinoplasty. Reduction rhinoplasty can cause breathing disturbances if not performed correctly. 

Last Word

What was said above mainly uncovers a botched rhinoplasty. But how to discover a good one then?

As already said, a good nose job is not that easy to tell. So If you’re still very curious to discover whether a beautiful nose is the result of rhinoplasty, you can simply ask the person. People wouldn’t mind it if you ask it politely. Many would even consider it a compliment as it shows that you’ve found their nose flawless and beautiful.

If you wonder whether a certain celebrity has undergone a nose job you can take a look at their interviews. Some celebrities simply admit to their plastic surgery. Still, some would love to keep it a secret. However, the bad thing about being famous is that it’s hard to keep a secret for long. A quick search may help you find out what you’re looking for. Taking a look at their old photos and comparing them with the new ones, fans can usually guess what kinds of surgeries their favorite celebrities have had. Spotting a nose job would be quite easy then.

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Comments (8)

H h 1981

If the surgeon is professional, it is unlikely that others will know you have had rhinoplasty before.

I even suggest others to do nose job like me


There is nothing and no reason that nose job rhinoplasty should be embarrassing   no need to be ashamed about it

Reply to shay20

Yes, you are right

After watching countless celebrities and wondering about their 'perfect' noses, this article finally sheds some light on the subtle indicators of a nose job. It's like discovering a secret code in the world of beauty. Now, whenever I see someone with a seemingly flawless nose, I can't help but recall the telltale signs mentioned here!


Hey there! Loved your article on recognizing nose jobs. It's intriguing how these subtle signs can reveal so much. Have you personally spotted any of these cues in people you know?

Reply to Jinny.a

Hello! I'm glad you found the article interesting. As a doctor, I have had the opportunity to observe various signs of nose jobs in my professional experience. While I cannot discuss specific individuals due to patient confidentiality, I can say that these subtle cues are indeed significant indicators that trained medical professionals look for when assessing whether someone has had a nose job. The observations mentioned in the article are derived from a combination of medical knowledge, anatomical understanding, and aesthetic expertise. It's important to note that these signs may not always be definitive, and a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified plastic surgeon is necessary to make an accurate assessment.

Plamena siw

I have known a handful of friends who underwent nose surgery. Having seen them many times before, I could recognize the subtle alterations even if they were minor. However, sometimes, I encountered a person who had undergone a nose job and I couldn't tell initially. At first, I was puzzled, as the result looked completely natural.

It was only when she mentioned her surgery that I understood.

Generally, figuring out if someone has had a nose job is tricky if you haven't seen them before the operation. But if you're familiar with someone before their surgery, it's usually easy to notice the changes afterwards.