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Privacy and Policy


At Belorens, we prioritize and respect your privacy. This comprehensive Privacy Policy serves to elucidate the processes surrounding the collection, use, disclosure, preservation, and safeguarding of your personal data. By either registering or continuing to use the Site, you indicate acceptance of this policy.

Remember, any content you post on the Site, such as discussion, reviews or photos, is available to the global audience. We reserve the right to share this content both on our platform and possibly through third-party sites.

Scope of This Policy

This Privacy Policy extends to all users, whether you're merely browsing Belorens.com, using our mobile apps, or registered as a provider or user. Our communications, regardless of method, fall under this policy. Additionally, for details on our cookie usage, refer to our separate Cookie Policy, an integral part of this main policy.

Policy Updates & Revisions

We regularly review our Privacy Policy, marking revisions with updated "effective dates." In cases of significant changes, we'll notify you via the Site or email. We encourage periodic reviews of this policy, and should you disagree with any updates, please reach out to close your account.

Data Collection by Belorens

Acting as a data controller, Belorens accumulates personal data through website interactions and user registrations. In this context, "personal information" pertains to data linked to identifiable individuals but excludes publicly accessible details or anonymous/aggregated info.

In the past year, we've gathered personal information from various sources:

User-Provided Data

Registration Details: Includes name, contact info, personal and professional data, location, and email communication.

Contacts: You might share other people's contact details either directly or through device syncing for invitations.

Surveys & Promotions: Occasionally, users might share information for surveys or contests, such as their names and email addresses.

Site Forms: Personal details may also be shared through voluntary form completions.

Purchases & Transactions: For payments or promotions, we collect relevant details. Note that payment processing is handled by third-party entities, and we don't store card details.

User Communications: Engaging with other users on our platform might involve sharing personal data. Always remember that some chats might be public or monitored by Belorens to maintain platform integrity.

Medical Data: Such as health conditions, medical history, and details about your visits to Belorens Providers.

User Contributions: Comments, reviews, or queries you post on our site are accessible to other users.

Technical Issues: If you face any site-related issues, sharing certain personal information might be necessary.

Device & Browser Data: Includes the type of device or browser you use, browsing patterns, domain origins, location data, and other related metrics.

Service Requests: You might share personal details while seeking information or consultations from Belorens' affiliated surgeons.

Payment Data: In certain scenarios, we may collect credit card details to facilitate purchases. This data is encrypted and only shared as needed with trusted third parties.

Data Analysis & Third-Party Analytics

To improve user experience, we deploy analytics tools like Google Analytics. They capture data like browser type, IP addresses, visited pages, and more. This data aids in optimizing our services and facilitates targeted advertising. Users can, however, opt out of Google Analytics data collection if desired.

Protecting Your Data

We're committed to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information. Our state-of-the-art encryption technologies and best practices ensure your data remains secure. Always be cautious when sharing information, especially in public domains or forums.

Automatically Collected Information

a. Cookie Data

Upon visiting our site, we, in collaboration with our third-party partners, might send cookies - minuscule text files with unique identifiers - to your device. These cookies gather data about your site usage, including your browser type, IP address, and your interaction with ads. For an in-depth understanding of our cookie usage, refer to our Cookie Policy.

b. Log File Records

Every time you access our site, our servers automatically log certain information that your browser shares. This data includes aspects like your IP address, the type of browser you use, and your browsing history. This helps us enhance your browsing experience.

c. Web Beacons

To better comprehend the online behavior of our users, we utilize third-party web beacons or clear gifs. Additionally, we use these beacons in our emails to analyze the open rates, thereby optimizing our communication effectiveness.

d. Location & Device Data

For users accessing our site via mobile devices or tablets, if permitted, we may gather specific location data. For desktop users, we might discern a general location from your IP address. This ensures we present location-relevant content.

e. Third-party Tracking

Certain content on our site, especially ads, are facilitated by third parties who might employ cookies and other tracking mechanisms. The collected information might relate to your personal data or your online behavior across various sites. We don't oversee these third-party trackers and recommend reaching out to these entities for related concerns.

Information from Third-party Sources

a. Social Media Integrations

Connecting your social media accounts, like Facebook, to your Belorens account means we might receive certain data from these platforms. Depending on your privacy settings with these third parties, the data we collect may vary. Additionally, our website may incorporate plugins from different social media platforms. Ensure you are familiar with the privacy practices of these platforms as our policy doesn't encompass them.

Utilization of Collected Data

At Belorens, we harness the data you provide for numerous purposes. This ranges from enhancing our site features to ensuring an optimized user experience. Some ways we use your information include:

Site Management: Presenting and maintaining the website for you.

User Experience Enhancement: Tailoring the content for a more personalized experience.

Customer Service: Addressing your queries and communicating vital updates.

Security & Monitoring: Ensuring the safety of our platform and detecting any malpractices.

Feedback & Analysis: Harnessing user feedback to elevate our offerings.

Marketing & Communication: Keeping you updated with promotions and surveys.

Furthermore, features like our Job Opportunity Board and Consultation requests utilize your data to streamline the specified services.

Purpose of Financial Transactions

When you engage in any financial activities on our site, your personal data might be employed either by us or by a third-party payment processor to complete the transaction.

5. IP Address and Location-Based Content

By discerning your approximate location from your IP address, we aim to display the most pertinent content, which includes regional doctor lists, localized price ranges, region-centric advertisements, and more.

Individual Information Utilization

General Use

Belorens may utilize individual information for various promotional offers through mediums such as email advertising, telephone marketing, direct mail, and online banner ads. While this policy lays out our current practices, they are subject to change. Ensure you check back for updates regularly.

Email Correspondence

Sender Identity: Commercial emails from Belorens may feature an Advertiser's name, but replies are directed to Belorens.

Email Content: Typically, the "Subject" line will feature content from the Advertiser.

Permission-based Emails: Belorens is committed to sending emails only to individuals who've given consent, ensuring we never send unsolicited emails.

Targeted Advertising

We utilize individual information to curate ads tailored to user interests. This includes combining technology information with personal data to deliver personalized advertising experiences.


Individual information may be leveraged for direct mail marketing or telemarketing on telephones and cell phones.

Wireless Communication

By providing a wireless email address, you consent to receive messages from Belorens or associated businesses, subject to opt-out options in our policy.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Service Overview: Belorens might offer a service for receiving messages on wireless devices through SMS. Usage data might include details such as device name, provider, message content, and more.

Charges and Privacy: Regular messaging rates apply, and Belorens won't be responsible for delivery delays. Understand that SMS might not be private or secure.

Data Usage and Third Parties

Service Improvement: Your personal information assists us in enhancing our technologies and services, aiding research, analysis, and audit functions.

Data Sharing: Aggregated non-personal information may be shared with business associates. When third parties help process your data, they must adhere to our privacy policy and maintain confidentiality.

Data Removal

You can request your data's removal from our database, post which it won't be used for secondary purposes or disclosed to third parties.

Technology Information Handling

Tracking and Analysis

We monitor online browsing habits to understand user preferences better and refine our advertising strategies.

Profiles Creation

Individual profiles may be crafted by merging survey data with other sources like public databases.

Data Storage and Security

All individual information is securely stored on our computers, protected by advanced security measures. However, we cannot assure absolute security against illegal breaches.

Health Information Disclosure

Public Health and Safety

Your health information might be used for public health activities, assisting in disease tracking, or aiding victims of abuse.

Legal and Governmental Obligations

We might share information with authorities for purposes like law enforcement, national security, or in compliance with legal processes.

Research and Development

Following internal review protocols, your health information may be utilized for research.

Organizational Communication

Your data may be used for internal communication related to treatments, payments, or operational activities concerning quality assessment, care coordination, and training.

Third-Party Business Transactions

We might share your details with business partners, ensuring they adhere to strict data protection standards.

Operational Purposes

Your personal or health data might be used for operational reasons like communicating with individuals involved in your care, sending appointment reminders, or payment-related communication.

Sharing of Collected Data

Service Providers: We partner with third-party entities that offer services such as data hosting, email syncing, and marketing operations. They have access to certain information strictly for the purpose of performing their tasks.

Legal Requirements: When required by law or in connection with potential or ongoing legal processes, we might have to disclose certain details. This also covers instances where we need to safeguard our rights or defend against fraudulent activities.

Third-party Advertisers: We might provide your registration data to third-party retailers and their affiliates if we believe their products or services might interest you.

Internal Teams: Key members of our team, including contractors and agents, may have access to your information to fulfill their duties. They are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Affiliations: Your data might be shared with our affiliates, subsidiaries, or companies under our umbrella for business purposes.

Corporate Transactions: In events like mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, your information might be part of the assets that get transferred.

Analytics Partners: We collaborate with analytics firms to understand user behavior better, enhancing our services in the process. This is not a sales activity and is solely to improve user experience.

Public Content: Please avoid sharing personal information in public spaces on our platform. Such details might be accessed by other members and are beyond our control.

Social Media Integration: Our services may allow you to share data with platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The usage and protection of this data are governed by the respective platforms' privacy policies.

Virtual Consultations: Initiating virtual consultations means sharing specific health details with our doctors. This ensures they offer appropriate advice and treatment recommendations.

Aggregated Data: We might disclose non-personal, aggregated data to third parties. This doesn’t identify users individually.

Google reCAPTCHA: To safeguard against spam, we utilize Google's reCAPTCHA service. Engaging with our website means you agree to the data processing carried out by Google in this context.

Protection of Minors

Our website is not designed for individuals under the age of 18. If you're below this age, please refrain from creating an account or sharing any personal data with us. Should we discover that a minor has provided us with their personal details, we will immediately remove such data from our records. If you're aware of any data we've received from someone under 18, please reach out to us immediately.

Purpose of Collecting Your Data

We're dedicated to using your personal information exclusively for the reasons you've provided it. As an illustration, if you fill out a form indicating your name, email, phone number, desired treatment, and any questions, we'll share this information only with the specified provider. Also, be informed that if you share your mobile number, both we and the provider might send you text messages; standard rates may apply. Always be assured, we will be clear about our intentions when collecting your data, and we won't use it for unrelated purposes.

Secure Payment Processing

For purchases made on our site, your payment details are encrypted and sent directly to our third-party payment processors, Braintree and Stripe. They handle your payment details as per their respective privacy policies. We don't keep or even see your payment data.

Your Rights Concerning Your Data

Choice to Withhold Data: Opting not to share personal data might limit some services we can offer.

Data Review & Alteration: Log in to review or modify your personal data.

Restriction Rights: You have rights to limit how we process your data in certain circumstances.

Email Preferences: Unsubscribe from our promotional emails anytime via the provided links.

Account Termination: Closing your account? Reach out to our support. Note that some data may remain due to legal reasons or for our operational needs.

Communication Preferences: Inform us if you prefer communication through a particular channel or address.

Control Over Shared Data: You can request a summary of occasions we’ve shared your data in the past six years.

Notice Access: Request a printed copy of this notice anytime.

Representation Rights: If you've designated someone as your legal representative, they can exercise rights on your behalf.

Processing & Marketing Objections: If you disagree with how we process or market using your data, you can object.

Data Access & Corrections: You can request to review, amend, or restrict the use of your data.

Communication Modes: Specify how you'd like us to reach out.

Tracking & Cookies: Adjust your online tracking and cookie preferences.

Verifying Your Identity

For your security, we might ask you to confirm your identity before we act on your data requests. Typically, we aim to address requests within 30 days. If any delay is anticipated, we will keep you informed.

Data Retention

We'll keep your data only as long as necessary, factoring in our policy guidelines and any legal obligations.

Ensuring Your Data's Safety

We strive to protect your data with suitable safeguards. While we implement measures like unique passwords to ensure data integrity, you also play a role by keeping your password confidential. Bear in mind that no system is foolproof. In the unfortunate event of a security breach, we will alert you, possibly electronically, so you can take protective actions.

Do Not Track" Requests

Currently, Belorens doesn't recognize or act on "Do Not Track" signals. This is due to the absence of universal standards surrounding these signals.

Automated Processing of Personal Data

Belorens ensures that the personal information you share is not used for automated decision-making purposes.

Third-Party Links

You might encounter links to external websites on our platform. These websites don’t fall under our governance. If you decide to visit them, Belorens recommends reading their respective privacy policies.

Advertisement & Sponsorship Guidelines

Ad Review: Belorens holds the ultimate authority in deciding the kinds of advertisements showcased. We may decline or remove any ad, providing the advertiser with the reason and timely notification.

No Product or Service Endorsements: The appearance of an advertisement does not imply Belorens's endorsement of the product or service. Our editorial team may occasionally evaluate specific products or services; however, these evaluations remain independent of any business arrangements.

Distinct Ad and Content Division: We ensure clear demarcation between ads and our editorial content. Any ad will redirect users to the advertiser's page or a sponsored resource on our platform.

Transparency in Sponsored Content: Whenever content is influenced by or originates from a sponsor, we ensure it's distinguishable from our regular editorial content.

Partner Program Content: From time to time, Belorens collaborates with entities aligned with our mission. Although we endorse these partners, we remain neutral about the products or services they offer.

Addressing Copyright Concerns

If you think content on our platform infringes your copyright, please provide the following details under the DMCA:

  • Authorized individual's physical signature.
  • Details of the copyrighted work in question.
  • Identification of the suspected infringing content.
  • Your contact details.
  • A statement asserting your belief about unauthorized usage.
  • A sworn statement affirming the accuracy of the information and your authorization to act.

Belorens's Community Guidelines

Our aim is to foster a trusting, respectful community. Everyone, including consumers, service providers, and our staff, should adhere to these guidelines:

Maintain Respect: Embrace diverse opinions, but always be courteous.

Steer Clear of Personal Attacks: Discuss ideas, not individuals.

Protect Your Account: You’re accountable for all activities under your profile.

Share Genuinely: Only share your experiences and refrain from promoting personal agendas.

Prohibited Content: Avoid posting medical advice, explicit content, illegal activities, copyrighted materials, external links, personal information, or any content beyond the site's intent.

For Service Providers:

  • Stay professional and respectful.
  • Follow photo & video standards.
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest, especially regarding endorsements.
  • Ensure your reviews are unbiased and genuine.
  • Violations might result in penalties, including profile suspension

Belorens Virtual Consultation Code of Conduct

1. Respectful Interactions:

As a patient engaging with a Belorens expert via a virtual consultation, you pledge to communicate in a dignified and courteous manner. Abstain from using any offensive language or actions.

2. Treatment Expectations:

Refrain from dictating specific medications or treatment procedures during a consultation. Belorens experts will carry out a thorough evaluation, encompassing a virtual physical examination and assessment of medical history. Based on this, they will determine the most suitable treatment options and recommendations.

3. Responsible Utilization:

You have the privilege to avail medically necessary and apt care within our virtual services' framework. Avoid excessive requests or misuse of this service. Seeking multiple opinions for a singular health issue is considered overuse. Experts reserve the right to discourage such behavior and may decline to offer a virtual consultation if deemed inappropriate.

4. Medications and Diagnostic Tests:

Do not assume a guaranteed prescription or lab test from every consultation. Belorens professionals might suggest treatments or tests based on the consultation, with certain restrictions on the type of medications that can be prescribed.

5. Medication Duration:

For chronic conditions, the Belorens expert will decide whether and how long a particular medication should be prescribed. The general approach will lean towards short-term prescriptions, directing you to engage with your regular doctor for continuity.

6. Dress Appropriately:

Ensure you are suitably dressed during the consultation, revealing only medically pertinent areas when required.

Belorens Content and Advertisements Code

Content Principles:

All content on Belorens aims to guide users in making informed decisions. Promotions and ads should augment the user experience while upholding trust.

Truthfulness: Deliver medically sound and impartial content. Claims should be evidence-based, steering clear of embellishments.

User-Friendly Content:

Text: Succinct and engaging with clear headlines.

Visuals: Optimal for mobile users, depicting realistic images.

Legality: Adhere to all prevailing laws and regulations.

Restricted Collaborations:

Belorens refrains from affiliating with entities promoting certain products, services, or behaviors considered detrimental or irrelevant to our user community.

Interested brands can reach out to Belorens' Advertising Team.

Belorens Review Guidelines

Review Authenticity:

Ensure all reviews are factual, original, pertinent, and beneficial for others. Users sharing insights help guide others in their decision-making process.

Guideline Details:

Originality: Unique reviews are preferred.

Relevance: Details about the treatment, reason, and cost are essential.

Usefulness: Detailed accounts enhance the review's value.

Legal Concerns: Refrain from making unverified claims, making accusations, or discussing ongoing legal matters.

Privacy: Personal information, especially of clinic staff, should not be disclosed.

Belorens Cookie Use Policy

Belorens employs cookies and similar technologies to curate a safer, tailored, and relevant experience for users on our website. This section elucidates our cookie usage and offers guidance on management.

Understanding Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are minuscule text files placed on your device, helping distinguish and recall your browser or gadget. They store a unique number, facilitating the recognition of your device upon revisiting our website and remembering your activities and preferences. Rest assured, cookies are harmless; they can't scan your computer or introduce viruses.

Web beacons, also known under names like pixel tags or clear gifs, are electronic files on website pages. Their role is vital in helping businesses count and analyze user interactions, like visiting specific webpages, understanding content popularity, and ensuring the digital ecosystem's soundness.

How Belorens Utilizes Cookies

Belorens collects data through cookies, such as your device's details, browser type, IP address, actions on our Site, pages viewed, duration spent on pages, and timestamps of requests. By doing so, we can better understand and serve our users, making their experience smoother and more personalized.

Purpose of Cookies at Belorens

Cookies are tools of enhancement. They ensure a secure browsing environment, validate users' credentials, and elevate your experience on our Site and App. Cookies remember and spare you from redundant tasks, like logging in repeatedly. Moreover, they aid in customizing content and monitoring our marketing strategies, ensuring you receive information aligned with your preferences.

Variety of Cookies at Belorens

First-Party vs. Third-Party Cookies: Belorens directly places first-party cookies, ensuring an efficient revisit to our Site. On the other hand, third-party cookies are from our service partners and may recognize your device across various websites, primarily aiding in analytics or advertising.

Types of Cookies We Use:

Essential Cookies: Vital for seamless navigation and using our services. They ensure security and access to member-only zones.

Functionality Cookies: These remember your choices, enabling personalized features and streamlined use.

Performance/Analytics Cookies: They analyze your interaction with our Site, guiding our enhancement efforts.

Advertising/Targeting Cookies: Curating advertisements and content to match your preferences.

Cookie Management:

First-Party Cookies: Set your browser to notify and decide on accepting a cookie. Refer to the browser’s guidance to disable these.

Third-Party Cookies: These are placed by our service providers. For blocking them, please refer to your browser's instructions.

Third-Party Service Providers: Belorens partners with several third-party providers for analytics, advertising, and social networking. This collaboration is dynamic and evolves over time.

Cookie Duration

The stay duration of cookies varies. While session cookies vanish post-closing the browser, persistent cookies remain and facilitate subsequent visits. However, if desired, persistent cookies can be removed via browser settings.

Do Not Track

Belorens presently doesn't act on Do Not Track signals due to the absence of an industry or legal standard.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

You hold the reins when it comes to accepting cookies. Although rejecting cookies might limit the Site's functionality, the power of choice is yours. Blocking is possible through the above-outlined methods or your browser's instructions.