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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Belorens.com - your global gateway for discovering and comparing aesthetic healthcare services. Our platform facilitates connections between users and a diverse range of healthcare, aesthetic, and dental providers, commonly referred to as "Services." Our roster of providers includes medical professionals, clinics, hospitals, and individual practitioners, hereinafter referred to as "Providers" or "Clinics/Doctors."

Understanding and Accepting Our Terms

Your use of the Belorens platform, encompassing the website, services, products, and all content therein (collectively termed the "Site"), is governed by these Terms of Service ("Terms"). This agreement stands between you and Belorens, Inc. ("Belorens"). Your access and use of the Site affirm your acceptance of these Terms, our Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, and all other Belorens' policies. If you disagree with any part of these terms, we kindly ask that you refrain from using our services.


Our primary goal is to set forth the General Conditions of Use (GCU) for the offerings on Belorens.com and its related applications. We provide a spectrum of Services to cater to various user needs.

Your Commitment to Using Our Services Responsibly

Services provided by Belorens are tailored for personal, non-commercial use. While you may access, view, and download content that interests you, the intellectual and commercial rights to such content remain with Belorens. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or dissemination of our content is strictly prohibited. Your use of our platform also requires adherence to ethical internet practices, refraining from employing bots, automated software, or hacking methods to mine data or compromise the integrity of our Site.

All logos, marks, and trademarks associated with Belorens are protected under law. Unauthorized use or imitation of these trademarks without prior permission is prohibited.

Should you create an account with us, you're expected to furnish accurate details and safeguard your login credentials. You're held accountable for any activity under your account. If you suspect any unauthorized access, please notify us immediately.

Our platform offers a diverse range of interactive features like photo galleries, chats, discussion boards, and more. We trust you to use these responsibly, refraining from posting inappropriate content, attempting unauthorized data collection, or impersonating others.

User Contributions: Your Role in Our Community

You're wholly responsible for all data you share on our platform, including comments, photos, and other forms of content (collectively referred to as "User Submissions"). We expect all users to respect the rights and privacy of others, refraining from posting harmful or infringing content. By submitting content, you grant Belorens unrestricted, irrevocable rights to use, adapt, and distribute this content globally.

Although we strive to ensure the credibility of content on our platform, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of all User Submissions. You agree to indemnify Belorens against any liabilities arising from your content or misuse of the platform.

Updates & Changes

Belorens may update the website, its Terms, and other policies at any time. Significant changes will be communicated to you either via email or through a notice on our website. Always check the date of the latest update. Continued use after changes means you accept the revised terms.

No Medical Advice

All content on this site, whether from health care providers or otherwise, is purely for educational and informational purposes. It shouldn't replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any reliance on information from this site is solely at your own risk. Always consult with a medical professional regarding health concerns.

Using the Site

Belorens offers a platform primarily for personal experiences, reviews, and questions about personal care, beauty, and wellness. It is not a substitute for medical advice. Using the site for commercial promotions or false endorsements is prohibited. Always ensure your content is truthful, respectful, and non-repetitive. Abusive, misleading, harmful, or plagiarized content will not be tolerated. Unauthorized or harmful activities, such as data mining, impersonation, or spamming, are prohibited.

Your Account & Email Consent

Creating a Service Account is essential for certain features. Safeguard your account details and inform us immediately of any unauthorized access. By using this site, you agree to receive emails from Belorens, which you can manage or opt-out from at any time.

Content Submission & Monitoring

While users can post reviews, comments, images, and videos, Belorens doesn't claim ownership of these submissions. By posting, you grant Belorens a perpetual, royalty-free license to use your content in relation to the site. Your content is public, and by posting, you waive any privacy or publicity rights. Ensure your submissions adhere to our guidelines. Although Belorens may monitor content, it's not obligated to, and any harmful or inappropriate content can be removed at our discretion.

Inquiries to Health Care Providers

You can reach out to health care providers through the site. Responses aren't guaranteed. Upon submission, Belorens may contact you regarding your request.


Your interactions on our platform are your responsibility. Always be respectful, truthful, and aware that any violations can lead to consequences, including account termination

User-Generated Content

Belorens assumes no responsibility over content shared by its community members, health care professionals, or other third parties on the site. Views expressed by these entities are solely theirs and do not reflect Belorens' stance. Belorens cannot vouch for the precision or trustworthiness of such content. Responsibility for content remains with the entity that shared it.

Belorens doesn't endorse specific content, procedures, or products present on the site. Note: some medical content may contain sensitive imagery. Users can adjust their site settings if they find such content uncomfortable.

Copyright Concerns

If you believe your content has been infringed upon, contact us at [email protected] with the necessary details and proof. Following a proper review, Belorens will undertake appropriate actions, potentially including content removal.

Media Policy

Health care professionals must secure proper consent before sharing media. If you wish to remove a photo or video of yourself, reach out to [email protected] with relevant information and your request will be considered.

External Links and Promotions

Belorens might link to third-party sites, but isn't responsible for their content or functionality. Dealings with third-party promotions on our site are between you and the third party; Belorens isn't liable for any ensuing issues.

Belorens Intellectual Property

The site grants you a limited license for personal use. All website components are owned by Belorens unless specified. Any unauthorized use or replication is prohibited.

Warranty Disclaimer

The Belorens website is offered "as is." We make no warranties, neither explicit nor implied, regarding its content, accuracy, or functionality. While we make security efforts, we can't guarantee complete immunity from breaches. We disclaim liability from issues arising due to interactions with health care providers or third-party promotions.

Translation Notice

Belorens may offer translations via Google or other services. We don't guarantee their accuracy. In discrepancies, the original version holds precedence. Google Providers Translations Without Warranties Including Accuracy and Reliability.

Limitation of Liability and Recourse

To the full extent permitted by law, Belorens and its associates will not be held accountable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, or special damages arising from, or related to, the use of this website. This encompasses damages from lost profits, delay-induced inconvenience, or disruptions in using our services. Furthermore, any reliance on content or information related to health care options, procedures, treatments, or products on our site will not render Belorens accountable for decisions based on that content.

Belorens won’t be liable for any disruptions or delays caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to virus outbreaks, cyber-attacks, third-party actions, strikes, natural disasters, government restrictions, or any communication breakdowns.

Regardless of any provision in these terms, Belorens' total liability to you concerning the site and these terms is limited to the amount you've paid to Belorens in the six months preceding any claim, even if potential losses or damages were made known.

Some locations may not permit the exclusion of certain types of damages, so the above may not apply to everyone.

Belorens and its representatives will not be held responsible for losses or damages resulting from any dealings, services, or transactions on this site. This includes any repercussions from interactions with medical professionals facilitated by this site. However, Belorens maintains its accountability in the event of death or personal injury due to its own negligence.

Changes and Access

Belorens reserves the right to alter or remove website features anytime without prior notice. We might not always provide updates or support for the site, but might choose to do so. We also retain the right to suspend or terminate your access to the site for any reason. If you choose to cease using the site or if your account is suspended, previously stored data might be inaccessible. Even post-termination, some of your content may remain visible on the site.

Digital Communications and Consent

This agreement exists in a digital format. We may need to convey specific details about the Site as mandated by law. By using our services, you acknowledge that we can communicate this information to you electronically. You can revoke this consent; however, this may end your privilege to access the Site. We will transmit required details to you through (a) the email you registered with, (b) a specified Belorens web link provided via email, or (c) a predetermined Belorens web link. Emails sent to you are considered delivered on their sending date. Ensure that your equipment is compatible to receive these digital communications. If you're uncomfortable receiving electronic notifications, kindly discontinue using the Site.

General Provisions

This document represents the binding understanding between you and Belorens concerning Site usage, overriding any prior agreements. Non-enforcement of any rights under this agreement by Belorens doesn’t imply a waiver of those rights. If any clause of this agreement is deemed void or unenforceable, the remaining terms stand valid.

Important Advisory

Belorens.com doesn't offer medical guidance or diagnosis. Our website provides general information sourced from Healthcare Providers or online, serving only as a reference. We don’t endorse any listed Clinic or Provider. Engaging with a Clinic or Provider is your personal decision. Some Providers may operate in areas where there's no mandatory medical insurance. Always conduct thorough research and consult with a healthcare professional before choosing a service. Search results on our Site aren't endorsements of any specific Provider.

Limitations of Our Services

Belorens.com merely lists Clinics and Providers and does not make medical recommendations.

We facilitate information exchange but aren't part of any transaction between users and listed Clinics/Providers.

We can't guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of the listed information; engagements with listed entities are at your own discretion.

Content Responsibilities

A. Your Content Ownership: You hold responsibility for the content you post. Once on Belorens, it's not always retractable. Any risks arising from your content, such as reliability or legal issues, lie with you. Ensure you have rights over your content, and it doesn’t infringe on any legal provisions.

B. Usage Rights: We can utilize your content in various ways, including public displays, promotional activities, or derivative works. You grant us an unrestricted, global right to use your content as we see fit. You also permit Service users and other platforms to access your content.

C. Ownership Clarifications: While you retain rights over your content, all other materials, features, and assets on Belorens remain our property. This includes designs, codes, graphics, and other intellectual properties. Unauthorized use or exploitation of Belorens content is prohibited.

D. Advertisements: Belorens might display ads or sponsored content alongside your content. You acknowledge that this is part of our service provision, and you're not entitled to any revenue from it.

Eligibility & User Age

The services offered through our website are only accessible and usable by individuals legally capable of entering binding contracts within their jurisdiction. If you are below 18 years of age, you're prohibited from using this platform. By utilizing our website, you affirm that you're at least 18 years old.

Data Privacy & Protection

When referring to "Data" in these Terms of Use, it pertains to all electronic data, which includes personal data as specified under the Data Protection Acts and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a user, you understand that to facilitate your requested services, we must share specific details, including medical information, with the relevant medical clinics or providers. You give explicit permission for this data transfer, even if the recipient entities are outside the stringent data protection jurisdictions like Ireland or the EU. Occasionally, we might reach out using your contact details to update you about your consultations or other related services, which you consent to.

We prioritize safeguarding the privacy of our users and everyone who interacts with our website. To understand how we utilize cookies and the types of data we gather and disclose, please review our Privacy Policy, an integral component of these Terms of Use.

We may oversee email communication between you and the medical clinics or providers for quality assurance. This helps both parties keep track of their interactions.

Phone conversations between you and clinics or providers might be channeled through our platform. We record details such as call duration, success rate, and contact numbers for tracking purposes. If we decide to record the conversation, you'll be informed before the call commences.

Registering on our platform means you might receive promotional content via email. If you prefer not to receive marketing communications, you can opt-out using the "unsubscribe" option in our emails.

Occasionally, we or a partner third-party company might seek your feedback about our services. For this, we might share your details with these third-party entities. If approached by them, their terms and conditions will govern.

Submission of Information

If you're looking to consult with a clinic or provider, we'll require specific details from you, including contact information, age, gender, and relevant medical data. This assists us in connecting you with suitable service providers. You guarantee that all submitted information is accurate, not violating any third-party rights, and doesn't risk personal harm if disclosed. While we respect your privacy, always be cautious about the information you share.

Transmitting data online has its risks. Information might be intercepted, altered, or lost. By using our platform, you accept these inherent online communication risks. We're not liable for any data transmission issues over the internet, irrespective of the sender or receiver.

Service Availability

We strive to ensure our website's uninterrupted accessibility. However, there might be times when it's temporarily unavailable due to factors like maintenance, updates, or external telecommunication disruptions. We're not liable for any inconveniences or losses arising from such downtimes.

You're solely responsible for safeguarding any content or data you upload on our platform and for ensuring it's free from malware or harmful elements.

Intellectual Property

Some logos, names, and materials on our website may be registered trademarks or logos ("Marks") of Belorens or other parties. Without explicit permission from Belorens, these Marks cannot be used. All rights associated with these Marks belong to us or the respective entities.

Acceptance of Updated Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms as needed. Any changes will be updated here, with the modification date clearly stated. We advise you to revisit this section periodically. By continuing to use our platform post any updates, you agree to abide by the revised terms.

Account Creation and Management

To access specific features on our Platform, including Content, Products, and Services, it’s mandatory to create a user account using a unique User ID and password during the registration process on our Website. For accessing different facets of the Belorens platform, distinct User IDs and passwords may be required.

  • Upon registering for a Belorens account, you affirm that:
  • You are 18 years old or above,
  • The identity provided is genuine,
  • All information supplied during registration is accurate, current, and complete,

You will promptly update your details to keep them accurate, current, and complete.

Your account is meant for personal, non-commercial use. Impersonation is strictly prohibited. By using a Belorens account, you confirm your authorization to use the provided password and bear sole responsibility for all activities carried out under your account. This extends to any unauthorized access or usage of your account or your devices. You agree to keep your User ID and password confidential and not to share them with any third parties.

Belorens retains the right to modify or revoke your access to the Platform, alter or delete your account/password at any given time for any or no reason. Your access will cease upon the termination of this agreement, by Belorens’s discretion. If you wish to cancel your account or if you notice unauthorized usage of your account, immediately inform Belorens.

Platform Monitoring

Belorens may observe, record, and review activities on the Platform without notifying or seeking permission from you. We may evaluate the areas where users communicate to ensure the Platform’s efficiency, appropriate usage, and agreement compliance. Nonetheless, Belorens isn't obliged to monitor every submission or communication and isn’t liable for any content, whether it violates copyright, trademark, libel, or other laws.

We are not committed to screen, police, edit, or monitor user submissions or third-party statements on the Platform. Any content posted by users or third parties, including advice and opinions, are their sole responsibility and don’t necessarily reflect Belorens’s views.

Under the Privacy Policy terms, Belorens may disclose any records, communications, or content:

If legally compelled,

If necessary for Platform operation,

To safeguard Belorens’s, its users’, or its business partners’ rights and properties.

Independent Contractor Relationship

Belorens acts as an independent contractor. This agreement doesn't establish a partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship between you and Belorens.

Agreement Integrity

This agreement encapsulates the entire understanding regarding your use of the Platform, Content, Products, and Services, superseding all previous agreements, whether oral or written. Your usage is contingent upon acceptance of this agreement, and no waiver applies to any agreement provision unless documented and agreed upon by Belorens.

Currency Conversion

Currency rates are fetched from various public sources, serving as mere guidelines. These rates may fluctuate, and their accuracy isn't guaranteed by Belorens. For any financial activities, consulting a qualified professional to verify currency rates is recommended.

Language Translation

We may provide translations of these terms for convenience. However, the English version dictates your relationship with Belorens, and any inconsistencies among translations will be resolved referring to the English version.

Representations and Commitments

Your interaction with our Platform signifies your understanding and acceptance of our Content Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Event Terms and Conditions (if applicable). You agree not to engage in any activities that violate our terms or assist others in doing so. In case of any suggestions or feedback, you agree that it doesn’t contain third-party confidential information, and you grant Belorens a license to use, modify, and distribute the feedback without any obligations.

Messaging and Communication Conduct

Any misuse or inappropriate use of messaging or chat services on our network, including sending threatening, abusive, illegal, or libelous messages, is unacceptable.

Compliance Responsibility

Indirect or attempted violations of this policy, and actual or attempted violations by a third party on your behalf, will be deemed as violations by you.

Referral Guidelines

Personal invitation links are primarily intended for private, non-business use. Feel free to share your link with friends and acquaintances through personal communication channels like emails, social media profiles, or your own blog. Avoid sharing on platforms where you're merely a contributor, such as Wikipedia or discount platforms. Marketing your referral through search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo is prohibited.

Belorens may, at its discretion, suspend accounts or revoke referral bonuses if any misuse is detected.

Mobile Usage and Charges

Kindly note that using our platform may lead to mobile-related expenses. These could be messaging or data fees. To avoid unexpected charges, check with your mobile carrier beforehand.

Clarification on Medical Relationships

While medical professionals share valuable content through our platform, it shouldn't replace actual healthcare. Interacting with this content doesn't establish a formal patient-doctor relationship. Whether it's using the platform's features or receiving emails from Belorens, remember to consult directly with healthcare professionals for medical advice.

We strive for reliability, but cannot guarantee the availability of any healthcare provider on our platform. We are not responsible for any losses or injuries resulting from unmet appointments or platform use.

Input of Medical Details

Users can input specific medical details, such as by setting up appointments or completing medical history documentation. By doing this, you grant Belorens permission to share this information with your selected healthcare provider. Ensure that the information is verified for accuracy during your appointment. Your data will be treated according to our Privacy Policy.

Features for Social Interaction

Our platform might have integrated social functionalities, like sharing buttons for popular platforms. Using these features lets you share on other platforms based on your set preferences. To understand data management related to these features, consult the privacy policies of the respective social platforms.

Healthcare Provider's Agreement

If you are a healthcare provider, this agreement outlines your interaction with our platform. By accessing or using www.Belorens.com, you acknowledge your agreement to these terms, our Code of Conduct, and other associated guidelines. Don't proceed if you disagree with any of these conditions. If you're representing another healthcare entity, ensure you have authority to accept these terms on their behalf.

Updates and Amendments

Belorens holds the right to alter the platform, its terms, or any other policies anytime. Significant changes will be communicated through email or site notifications. Check the terms' last updated date at the bottom. The current terms replace any previous versions. If any term is found unenforceable, it won't affect the rest of the agreement. Your continued use after changes signifies acceptance.

Account Management & Email Communication

To access specific features, users need to create and manage an account. Safeguard your account details, especially the password. Any activity on your account is your responsibility. Ensure that any profile or information you create or submit is accurate and up-to-date.

By being a user, you agree to receive emails from Belorens. You can modify email preferences from your account settings. Opting out of promotional emails doesn't stop service-related communications.

Belorens has the discretion to terminate or deny services to anyone at any time, with or without any specific reason.

Permitted Uses of the Site

For Health Care Providers: Providers can create profiles, answer questions from the community, and enrich their profiles with photos, videos, and articles. Ensure that the information posted is genuine and accurate. Misrepresentation or posting misleading information is not allowed.

Responses to Community Feedback: Providers can respond to feedback or content about their services. The response should be factual, should clarify any misconceptions, and must not violate privacy laws. Ensure that your affiliation to the business is clear and you're not promoting your services in any inappropriate manner.

Prohibited Activities and Content on the Site

Users, including providers, may not:

Use the platform for self-promotion or to endorse a product, service, or individual affiliated with them.

Trade, buy, or sell reviews. This includes posting false reviews or exaggerating results.

Post content that is biased due to personal or professional affiliations.

Post harmful, offensive, defamatory, or inappropriate content. This includes racist, sexist, vulgar, or any content that violates laws.

Use the site if they're below 18 years of age.

Engage in any activity that violates local, state, or federal laws.

Copy content from the site to share on other platforms without permission.

Use the site to give medical advice or diagnosis.

Create multiple accounts or misuse another's account.

Use automated systems like bots for data extraction.

Share or post harmful digital files or malware.

Interrupt the site's functionality or security features.

Report any violations using our contact form. While we strive to monitor content, we aren't obliged to enforce these terms against any user.

Content Responsibility & Confidentiality

Content posted by health care providers should respect privacy laws. It should not be misleading or false.

Content posted is public. Belorens isn't responsible for securing transmitted information.

By posting content, you grant Belorens a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use the content in connection with our services. This includes promotional activities.

We can remove content at our discretion. We may monitor content but aren't obligated to.

Content posted by others is their responsibility. Opinions and information shared by community members or other providers don't reflect Belorens's views.

Copyright Policy

Believe your copyrighted content has been infringed? Contact us at [email protected]. Provide detailed information, including:

Description and location of the supposed infringing material.

A statement about unauthorized use of the content.

Your contact details.

A statement under penalty of perjury confirming your ownership or authority over the content.

Your signature.

Upon notification, Belorens will take the necessary action, including potential removal of the content.


Medical content may be posted by community members. Some might find it sensitive. Navigate the site with discretion.

Health care providers on the site are neither our employees nor our contractors.

Image/Video Consent Protocol

Medical practitioners must obtain necessary approvals from concerned individuals and adhere strictly to HIPAA norms, as well as our guidelines, prior to sharing any imagery or videos on our platform. By sharing, you confirm that you possess the required permissions and your act is in compliance with all applicable rules, including privacy regulations like HIPAA. Should any claim arise due to your submissions, you agree to shoulder responsibility and safeguard "Belorens" from any potential liabilities.

Belorens Promotions

Should you engage in promotional activities with Belorens or highlight special deals on our platform, our promotional agreement or the relevant terms will be applicable in conjunction with this document.

Third-Party Links

Our platform might host links to external sites. These are independent entities beyond Belorens' jurisdiction. We hold no responsibility for their content or your interactions with them. Any transaction or interaction with third-party entities is solely your responsibility.

Belorens Content Rights

We provide you with a limited, non-transferable license to navigate our platform. All material on our site is our intellectual property. Unauthorized copying, modification, or distribution of any part of our site is prohibited without our explicit written consent.

Disclaimer by Belorens

We offer our platform on an "as is" basis, without warranties. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service and take no responsibility for any damages or consequences arising from your use. Although we aim to secure our platform, we can't assure against potential breaches.

Liability Limits

Belorens, along with associated parties, isn't liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting from the use of our platform. We're only liable up to the amount you've paid us in the last six months concerning any claim. Certain jurisdictions might not recognize these limitations.

Platform Modifications and Account Termination

Belorens reserves the right to modify the platform or terminate user accounts at its discretion. Upon termination, any user data may become inaccessible.

Your Responsibility

You'll bear the responsibility for any loss or claim resulting from your submissions or actions on our platform that breach our guidelines or any applicable laws.

Dispute Resolution

Any disagreements or claims relating to these guidelines or the platform must first be notified to us. If a resolution isn't achieved within 30 days, arbitration proceedings or a small claims court action can be initiated. Such claims must be filed within a year of the issue's occurrence.

Communication Protocols

All communications will be electronic. For any legal notifications, reach out to us at [email protected]. You agree to receive all necessary information electronically unless you explicitly withdraw consent.