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Our Story

During our previous cosmetic consultation business, we encountered individuals with a wide array of concerns, each unique to the person. Some had aesthetic concerns they had little idea about the right procedure for. Others were looking for a specific procedure but needed help to find the right doctor or clinic with reasonable prices. There were people who had a false idea about the right solution to their concern, seeking to undergo a surgical procedure that was quite unnecessary and even might have put their health at a great risk and done more harm than good. They were interested in changing something in their appearance and may had also heard some random suggestion but had no idea what that was really about and if it worked for them. If these people go to an unqualified or irresponsible self-seeking doctor who tries to line their own pockets, they might end up spending a small fortune undergoing a major operation while a simple non-surgical or self-care solution might fit the bill. The number of people seeking solutions for their aesthetic concerns was limitless, yet our resources were limited. We recognized the need for a more streamlined solution, and this understanding drove us to build one ourselves. Hence, we founded Belorens.
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What Does Belorens Do?

Imagine you’re in desperate need of some helpful beauty advice, what will you do? Reasonably or not, you may be unhappy with something in your appearance, body, or facial features, and wish to change it. You may consider cosmetic surgery or would love to know if there is any practical non-surgical solution. You may be looking for some make-up ideas to emphasize a beautiful feature of yours and overshadow a not-desired one, or simply looking for some trusted self-care routines to maintain your youthful appearance for longer and look like the best version of you.

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After all, you want to explore possible aesthetic solutions to your concern, learn about the best providers in the field, and compare your options.
In these situations, you may do one of the following:

Ask a friend

But only if you’re lucky enough to have a makeup-savvy friend or one active in the cosmetic and beauty industry. But are they all-knowing?

Make an appointment and go to a beauty clinic

Can you afford the time and money to seek answers to all your questions you have?

Scan Instagram for the influencer’s suggestions

Can you easily tell an ad from an honest review or an expert opinion? Are you sure that something working for others will work the same for you?

Start searching online

Provided that you know what you’re looking for (well, believe me, most of the time we don’t), where would you go for truly unbiased beauty advice without getting lost in thousands of search results and promotional articles?

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Belorens has been developed in an unbiased manner to obviate the need for these often-unviable options, helping you find the right solution for your concern in the shortest possible time.
On Belorens, we have developed a system that only needs to know what area of your body you’re having a problem with and what’s wrong with it. Once you’ve entered this data, you’ll find the most relevant solutions and all you need to know about them, which you can narrow down according to your criteria (your budget, location, anesthesia preference, invasiveness of solution, and more).