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    • damaged hair in Hair
    • weak hair in Hair
    • dull hair in Hair
    • premature white hair in Hair
    • unwanted hair color change in Hair
    • bamboo hair in Hair
    • folliculitis in Hair
    • scarring hair loss in Hair
    • temporary hair loss in Hair
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Forehead
    • frown lines in Forehead
    • high forehead in Forehead
    • bump on forehead in Forehead
    • frontal bossing in Forehead
    • sunken forehead in Forehead
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    • overplucked eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • thin eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • uneven eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • unruly eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • shapeless eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • patchy eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • unibrow in Eyebrows
    • eyebrows too far apart in Eyebrows
    • light eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • drooping eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • eyebrows hair loss in Eyebrows
    • thick eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • archless eyebrows in Eyebrows
    • eyebrows too high in Eyebrows
    • unwanted eyebrow tattoo in Eyebrows
    • eyebrow scar in Eyebrows
    • eyebrow dandruff in Eyebrows
    • protruding ears in Ears
    • constricted ears in Ears
    • stahl's ears in Ears
    • missing ear in Ears
    • underdeveloped ears in Ears
    • buried ear in Ears
    • ear tag in Ears
    • asymmetrical ears in Ears
    • torn earlobe in Ears
    • cauliflower ear in Ears
    • unwanted ear hair in Ears
    • drooping eyelids in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • hooded eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • sunken eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • eye bags in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • dark circles under eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • monolid in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • eyelid retraction in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • crow's feet in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • thin eyelashes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • eyelash loss in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • short eyelashes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • crossed eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • missing eye in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • uneven eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • small eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • unwanted eyeball tattoo in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • red eyes in Eyes, eyelids, eyelashes
    • flat cheeks in Cheeks
    • saggy cheeks in Cheeks
    • hollow cheeks in Cheeks
    • too large cheeks in Cheeks
    • smile lines in Cheeks
    • uneven cheeks in Cheeks
    • dorsal hump in Nose
    • crooked nose in Nose
    • wide nostrils in Nose
    • bulbous tip in Nose
    • droopy tip in Nose
    • big nose in Nose
    • hooked nose in Nose
    • wide nasal bridge in Nose
    • long nose in Nose
    • pointy nose in Nose
    • short nose in Nose
    • small nose in Nose
    • wide nose wings in Nose
    • deviated septum in Nose
    • Nasal Asymmetry in Nose
    • flat nose in Nose
    • saddle nose in Nose
    • polly beak in Nose
    • pinched nose in Nose
    • inverted V in Nose
    • hanging columella in Nose
    • alar retraction in Nose
    • ethnic nose in Nose
    • failed nose job in Nose
    • crooked teeth in Teeth and gum
    • bad bite in Teeth and gum
    • gap between teeth in Teeth and gum
    • missing tooth in Teeth and gum
    • chipped tooth in Teeth and gum
    • gummy smile in Teeth and gum
    • receding gums in Teeth and gum
    • yellow teeth in Teeth and gum
    • teeth stain in Teeth and gum
    • tooth decay in Teeth and gum
    • dental veneer fallen out in Teeth and gum
    • dental crown fallen out in Teeth and gum
    • dental bridge fallen out in Teeth and gum
    • wisdom tooth in Teeth and gum
    • enamel shaping in Teeth and gum
    • uneven gum line in Teeth and gum
    • uneven tooth lengths in Teeth and gum
    • short teeth in Teeth and gum
    • thin lips in Lips
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Lips
    • asymmetrical lips in Lips
    • too big lips in Lips
    • cleft lip in Lips
    • split lips in Lips
    • chapped lips in Lips
    • dark lips in Lips
    • swollen lips in Lips
    • smoker's lines in Lips
    • gummy smile in Lips
    • jawline contours in Chin and jawline
    • protruding jaw in Chin and jawline
    • square jaw in Chin and jawline
    • misaligned jaw in Chin and jawline
    • small chin in Chin and jawline
    • big chin in Chin and jawline
    • double chin in Chin and jawline
    • jowls in Chin and jawline
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Chin and jawline
    • jaw asymmetry in Chin and jawline
    • undefined jawline in Chin and jawline
    • cleft chin in Chin and jawline
    • chin asymmetry in Chin and jawline
    • turkey neck in Neck and décolletage
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Neck and décolletage
    • loose skin in Neck and décolletage
    • excess fat in Neck and décolletage
    • prominent adam's apple in Neck and décolletage
    • chest wrinkles in Neck and décolletage
    • loose skin in Facial skin
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Facial skin
    • acne scars in Facial skin
    • acne in Facial skin
    • dull skin in Facial skin
    • moles & birthmarks in Facial skin
    • puffiness in Facial skin
    • scar in Facial skin
    • bunny lines in Facial skin
    • eczema in Facial skin
    • large pores in Facial skin
    • lipoma in Facial skin
    • melasma in Facial skin
    • skin tone in Facial skin
    • sun damage in Facial skin
    • redness in Facial skin
    • age spots in Facial skin
    • dark spots in Facial skin
    • hyperpigmentation in Facial skin
    • freckles in Facial skin
    • dry skin in Facial skin
    • loss of skin firmness/elasticity in Facial skin
    • oily skin in Facial skin
    • vitiligo in Facial skin
    • unwanted tattoo in Facial skin
    • burn scar in Facial skin
    • spider veins/varicose in Facial skin
    • saggy face in Face in general
    • volume loss in Face in general
    • aging signs in Face in general
    • facial asymmetry in Face in general
    • thin face in Face in general
    • excess fat in Face in general
    • long face in Face in general
    • marionette lines in Face in general
    • masculine face in Face in general
    • feminine face in Face in general
    • unwanted facial hair in Face in general
    • small breasts in Breasts
    • saggy breasts in Breasts
    • breast asymmetry in Breasts
    • large breasts in Breasts
    • inverted nipples in Breasts
    • large areolas in Breasts
    • large nipples in Breasts
    • small nipples in Breasts
    • capsular contracture in Breasts
    • Implant displacement in Breasts
    • Implant rupture in Breasts
    • tubular breasts in Breasts
    • missing breast in Breasts
    • excess fat in Stomach
    • saggy belly in Stomach
    • hernia in Stomach
    • outie belly button in Stomach
    • excess belly skin in Stomach
    • abdominal seperation in Stomach
    • caesarean scarring in Stomach
    • flabby arms in Arms and hands
    • excess fat in Arms and hands
    • excess fat in Arms and hands
    • thin arms in Arms and hands
    • thin wrists in Arms and hands
    • trigger finger in Arms and hands
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Arms and hands
    • small butt in Butt
    • butt asymmetry in Butt
    • saggy butt in Butt
    • excess fat in Butt
    • big butt in Butt
    • Implant rupture in Butt
    • Implant displacement in Butt
    • loose vagina in Female genitalia
    • saggy labia minora in Female genitalia
    • large labia majora in Female genitalia
    • large clitoris in Female genitalia
    • perineum Tear in Female genitalia
    • volume loss in Female genitalia
    • Nasal Asymmetry in Female genitalia
    • vaginal wrinkles in Female genitalia
    • saggy thighs in Legs and feet
    • excess fat in Legs and feet
    • thin calves in Legs and feet
    • bow Legs in Legs and feet
    • knock knee in Legs and feet
    • flat feet in Legs and feet
    • high arches in Legs and feet
    • bunion in Legs and feet
    • excess fat in Body in general
    • love handles in Body in general
    • cellulite in Body in general
    • flabby waist skin in Body in general
    • rounded shoulders in Body in general
    • swayback in Body in general
    • thin body in Body in general
    • short stature in Body in general
    • gender identity in Body in general
    • unwanted body hair in Body in general
    • stretch marks in Body skin
    • loose skin in Body skin
    • fine lines & wrinkles in Body skin
    • acne scars in Body skin
    • acne in Body skin
    • dull skin in Body skin
    • moles & birthmarks in Body skin
    • puffiness in Body skin
    • scar in Body skin
    • eczema in Body skin
    • large pores in Body skin
    • lipoma in Body skin
    • melasma in Body skin
    • skin tone in Body skin
    • sun damage in Body skin
    • redness in Body skin
    • age spots in Body skin
    • dark spots in Body skin
    • hyperpigmentation in Body skin
    • freckles in Body skin
    • dry skin in Body skin
    • loss of skin firmness/elasticity in Body skin
    • oily skin in Body skin
    • vitiligo in Body skin
    • unwanted tattoo in Body skin
    • burn scar in Body skin
    • bruises in Body skin
    • spider veins/varicose in Body skin
    • back bra bulge in Back
    • back fat in Back
    • crooked back in Back
    • poor posture in Back
    • swayback in Back
    • Yellow Nail Syndrom in Nails
    • Nail Discoloration in Nails
    • Nail Clubbing in Nails
    • Spoon Nails in Nails
    • beau's lines in Nails
    • mees' lines in Nails
    • terry's nails in Nails
    • Nail Ridges in Nails
    • Peeling Nails in Nails
    • Cracked Nails in Nails
    • Nail Seperation in Nails
    • Nail Pitting in Nails

    Crossed Eyes: All Cosmetic Surgical, Non-Surgical, and Other Solutions

    Belorens recognizes the importance of both aesthetic appeal and functional improvement in correcting crossed eyes. Our commitment to providing smart match-based solutions brings you closer to achieving balanced, aligned eyes through personalized treatment plans. Whether exploring surgical adjustments for lasting correction or non-surgical options for minor alignments, we tailor each solution to fit your specific condition and lifestyle preferences. Navigate through our tailored options to get a clearer vision and symmetrical beauty with confidence, guided by our expertise in matching you with the ideal corrective approach.

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    After ofStrabismus Surgery

    Strabismus Surgery

    (95% Match) Also known as crossed eyes correction, eye muscle surgery, extraocular muscle surgery, strabismus surgery is an eye procedure that involves adjusting the eye muscles to correct the misalignment of the eyeballs.

    Type: Surgical
    Result Durability: Results vary from patient to patient. About 30% of patients will need a second sergery after a few months or years but for most people one surgery offer lifetime results.
    Downtime: 1 week
    Type of Anesthesia: Typically General
    Full Recovery: 5-7 weeks
    0 Discussions
    Before ofBotox & other Injectable Toxins
    After ofBotox & other Injectable Toxins

    Botox & other Injectable Toxins

    (50% Match) Botox injections can be used to temporarily weaken specific eye muscles, helping to realign the crossed eyes. This treatment is often considered for certain types of strabismus, but not all of them.

    Type: Non-surgical
    Result Durability: 3-6 months
    Downtime: No Downtime
    Type of Anesthesia: No Anesthesia
    Full Recovery: Immediately
    Average Price: About $550

    B & A photos

    What are Crossed Eyes?

    Crossed eyes, or strabismus, occur when the eyes don't look towards the same point simultaneously. This condition can manifest in various ways, with one eye turning in different directions independent of the other. It can result from muscle imbalance, neurological factors, or issues within the eye structure itself. Treatment options range from non-surgical methods like glasses and vision therapy to surgical interventions aimed at realigning the eyes. Addressing cross eyes can significantly improve both vision quality and eye coordination, enhancing overall quality of life.

    Disclaimer: Crossed eyes, medically known as strabismus, represent a variation in eye alignment that can impact both vision and appearance. The decision to seek correction is personal, based on individual experience and the effect on daily life. If cross eyes do not hinder vision or personal confidence, acceptance and living without intervention is a valid choice. This content is designed to inform, not to urge corrective action or undermine self-confidence. We strive to assist in making educated decisions, promoting understanding and self-appreciation of one's appearance.

    What is the Cause of Crossed Eyes?

    Strabismus is influenced by a mix of factors, including genetics, muscle imbalances around the eyes, neurological conditions, or refractive errors. It's essential to identify the underlying cause through a comprehensive eye examination. Understanding the root of the problem is crucial in determining the most effective treatment plan, which may involve correcting the muscle balance or addressing the neurological or refractive issues contributing to the condition.

    Am I a Candidate for Cross Eyed Correction?

    Individuals experiencing misalignment in their vision, regardless of age, might be candidates for crossed eye correction. Early diagnosis and treatment are particularly beneficial in children to ensure proper visual development and prevent long-term issues. Adults also benefit from correction, improving both vision and appearance. A detailed consultation with an eye specialist can help assess your situation and recommend the best course of action.

    How Old Should I Be to Get Cross Eye Treatment?

    Strabismus can be effectively treated at any age. However, early intervention is recommended for children to promote normal visual development and prevent amblyopia (lazy eye). For adults, treatment can resolve vision issues and improve eye alignment. Each case is unique, so consulting with an eye care professional can determine the optimal timing for treatment based on individual needs and health status.

    Crossed Eyes Before and After: See it for Yourself!

    Before and after photos can showcase the transformative effects of crossed eyes treatment. Discussing these visual changes with your healthcare provider can help set realistic expectations. Check out the performance of our affiliated professionals for yourself with our gallery of cross before and after photos!

    Is There a Non-Surgical Crossed Eyes Treatment?

    Non-surgical treatments for strabismus include vision therapy, corrective glasses, or prism lenses designed to enhance eye alignment and coordination. These methods are especially effective in cases where the condition is mild or as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Non-surgical options aim to strengthen the eye muscles and improve visual function without the need for invasive procedures.

    Is there a Crossed Eyes Self-Care Treatment Method?

    While professional treatment is essential for correcting strabismus, certain self-care practices like performing prescribed eye exercises may complement your treatment plan. These activities can help improve muscle control and eye coordination. However, it's vital to follow the guidance of an eye care professional to ensure these exercises are beneficial and appropriate for your specific condition.

    Are Crossed Eyes in Need of Urgent Treatment?

    Sudden onset of crossed eyes or associated symptoms like double vision warrants prompt medical evaluation, as they could indicate serious underlying conditions. For established cases, timely intervention is recommended to improve visual outcomes, especially in young children, where delayed treatment can affect visual development.

    Can I Delay Cross Eye Correction?

    While immediate treatment for crossed eyes is often not critical for adults, delaying intervention can impact visual development in children and lead to permanent vision issues. Discussing with an eye care professional can help you understand the implications of delaying treatment and devise a timely plan that suits your or your child’s specific needs.

    Are Crossed Eyes Socially Acceptable?

    Crossed eyes are a physical characteristic that doesn't define one's value or capabilities. Treatment is sought for functional reasons, such as improving vision and eye coordination, and may also enhance self-confidence by addressing aesthetic concerns. The choice to pursue treatment is personal, based on individual preferences and quality of life considerations.

    How Much Does the Crossed Eyes Removal Cost?

    Costs vary based on the chosen treatment method, healthcare provider, and geographical location. Consultation with a healthcare professional can provide a personalized cost estimate. Here is a chart showcasing the average price range of common cross eyes treatments in the US, compared to the same treatments offered by our affiliated professionals in Turkey, 

    Treatment Average Price Range in theUS Average Price Range inTurkey
    Strabismus Surgery $5,000 to $10,000 $2,000 to $5,000
    Botox Injection for Strabismus $300 to $800 $200 to $500

    Strabismus Treatment Methods: Which One is More Popular?

    Treatment popularity varies based on individual cases. Options include cross link eye surgery, vision therapy, and specialized glasses. The most suitable method depends on factors like the cause and severity of crossed eyes. But overall, if cross eyes are severe, it is treated via strabismus surgery, and in mild cases with Botox injection.

    Crossed Eyes Treatment with Belorens: Begin Your Solution

    At Belorens, we understand the complexity of crossed eyes and offer a gateway to exploring a spectrum of customized treatment solutions. From the latest surgical techniques to innovative non-surgical approaches, our platform connects you with top eye care specialists. Start your journey towards improved vision and alignment with Belorens, where your treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your eye health and confidence.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The timeline varies depending on the chosen treatment method and individual factors. Improvement may be noticeable in weeks to months. Surgery outright fixes the issue, whereas Botox takes a little longer to work. 

    Prolonged screen time alone is not a direct cause of crossed eyes. However, it can contribute to eye strain, which may exacerbate existing vision issues.

    While self-care exercises may help, it's crucial to consult with an eye care professional for a tailored treatment plan. Some exercises may be recommended as part of a comprehensive approach.

    Yes, eye strain associated with crossed eyes can lead to headaches. Addressing the underlying vision issues may help alleviate this symptom.

    Yes, online and local support groups can provide a platform for sharing experiences and information. Connecting with others facing similar challenges can be beneficial.

    Some treatment options may be pursued during pregnancy, but it's essential to discuss this with both an eye care professional and an obstetrician for personalized advice.