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loretta01411 Aug 2023

My hair grows in certain areas, but in others it doesn't seem to grow. Can I apply treatment specifically to these areas

Hi I am a 39-year-old woman experiencing some challenges with my hair. In some areas, it's failing to grow as it used to, while in other areas, it seems perfectly fine. Is there a specific localized treatment that could help?

Previously, I was incorrectly diagnosed with Lupus and had to undergo heavy medication for a three-month period. This affected me significantly, causing extreme weight loss and considerable hair loss as well. Ever since that episode, my hair has not returned to its normal state. In certain spots, which I've highlighted in the attached photographs, my hair appears to be feather-like and is not growing back. On the other hand, the rest of my hair seems thick and healthy.

Do you recommend any solutions to this problem? Could a hair transplant be effective, or are there alternative treatments? I am looking forward to hearing your advice on how to best address this issue. I have included images of my current hair condition.

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hello! Just to clarify, it's entirely possible to fortify your hair using PRP treatments and vitamins. Once that's achieved, you can then proceed with a hair transplantation procedure.