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melalah13 Aug 2023

I've had Botox for my forehead and nose lines. Is mesotherapy a possible treatment to consider on top of this?

Is it possible to undergo comprehensive mesotherapy on my face while having recently received Botox? Would it be better to wait until the effects of the Botox have subsided before considering mesotherapy?

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Dr. Cihan Bolat
Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

Mesotherapy procedures are more appropriate to perform at least 7 days after botox application. When Botox is done, it should remain at the point where it was made, not disperse. It is more correct to wait 1 week for needle procedures to be performed after Botox

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Mesotherapy reduces the effect of botox. For this reason, we do not recommend mesotherapy to places where botox is performed.

Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

Mesotherapy to the area with Botox can shorten the effectiveness time of botox. But it does not prevent it from being done. Preferably, we do mesotherapy to the area without botox.