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minni17 Nov 2023

Is it possible to undergo a brow bone reduction procedure after having a rhinoplasty?

I'm currently four months post my rhinoplasty procedure, during which I had a Radix rib graft (Diced cartilage in fascia) performed. I'm interested in undergoing a type three brow bone reduction, but I have concerns about how this might affect the graft. In hindsight, I'm thinking that I should have considered forehead contouring before the rhinoplasty to better align with my current goals.

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Dr. Emre bingol
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

It's understandable to have concerns about how a type three brow bone reduction may impact the radix rib graft performed during your rhinoplasty procedure. Since the radix rib graft involves diced cartilage in fascia, altering the brow bone could potentially affect the placement and stability of the graft in the nasal bridge area. Now it’s best for you to wait until your nasal bones and tissues fully heal, which can take up to a year, then consider having a brow bone reduction.