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ninjamom14 Sep 2023

Could PRP be effective in treating my under-eye bags? I'm exhausted from constantly appearing tired!

Can PRP assist in reducing my under-eye circles? If it's a viable option, I'd like to find a specialist nearby. If PRP isn't suitable, what alternative treatments would you recommend? I understand that surgery may be a long-term solution, but could you provide an estimate of the cost?

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hi, The short answer is "No". The long answer is: PRP's main mechanism of action is by stimulating collagen synthesis by some cytokines. It is good to combine PRP treatments with some sort of injury to the skin, namely microneedling with or without radiofrequency. By doing this you may incite a regenerative response and it will result in a tighter, fresher, and healthier skin with few micro-wrinkles. It won't help with lower eyebags. Your most obvious problem is your eyebags which should be addressed by a transconjunctival or conventional lower blepharoplasty, you also have prominent arcus marginalis (lower border of tear troughs) which requires a release combined with suspension and minor fat injection.