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alexl5 Jan 2024

What can I do to attain better facial balance?

I'm dissatisfied with the shape of my face, especially after prior jaw surgery. What can I do to attain better facial balance? I'm unhappy with the narrowness of my face and the elongated appearance of my midface. When viewed from the side, my forehead seems flat, and my lower face appears to protrude forward. At the age of 17, I underwent a sliding genioplasty for my lower jaw, along with a chin implant. However, I'm uncertain about the specific details regarding the surgeon or the type of implant used, and I believe that the implant may not have been the right fit for my face, resulting in a noticeable dip between my chin and lower lip. Additionally, I'm interested in addressing a bump on my nose through rhinoplasty. Could you offer any suggestions on how to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing facial shape?

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hello. The fact that your mid-face is very flat and inward makes your lower face look more prominent and protruding. We can only achieve the proportion between the lower and middle face by placing a cheek implant. However, we can revise the chin implant you had years ago and place a chin implant that is suitable for your face. The hump on your nose has a big effect on the fact that your side profile is not proportional and harmonious. Fat can also be injected into your forehead so that your forehead does not look flat. Therefore, the procedures I recommend for you are rhinoplasty, revision chin implant, cheek implant and fat injection. These will add harmony to your face. Please check our Instagram account photos. You can get more detailed information about me, ask all questions about your case and sending your photos to my assistants at the number on my profile. You can also book an online consultation and discuss your problems with me. With all respect.