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belo23063828002 Aug 2023

Is it feasible to reposition previously transplanted hair?

Hello I have a query regarding the possibility of repositioning previously transplanted hair. I underwent a hair transplant surgery, but I'm not fully satisfied with the results. The hair on one side seems to be growing in an upward direction, contrary to my desire for it to grow forward. As a result, it appears rather unnatural. Can it be extracted and re-implanted to correct its growth direction?

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Hair transplantation is a procedure that involves meticulous microsurgery. For this treatment, hair can be harvested not only from a donor site on your scalp but also from different body parts. Although it's not a commonly chosen option, it is indeed possible to extract previously transplanted hair follicles and replant them at the correct angle (30° - 45° - 60°, varying by area) to match your desired hair pattern. Another suggested approach is to mask the area you're unhappy with by introducing new transplants at the right angles. Determining the best course of treatment will require a consultation. Consequently, we strongly advise you to visit a hair transplant center of your choosing to discuss and further investigate your concerns.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hello, when did you undergo your hair transplant? Replanting to achieve a more natural look is indeed feasible. However, to provide comprehensive information, we need to assess your condition personally. Please feel free to reach out to us. Wishing a good day.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hello. Could you please send a photo? This would greatly help me in giving a more precise response to your situation. Thank you.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hello, transplanted hair cannot be removed and replanted. Nevertheless, a more natural look can be accomplished by inserting new grafts in between the existing ones.

To provide you with accurate information on this matter, we need to assess your hair in person. If you're planning a visit to Istanbul soon, we cordially invite you to our clinic for a physical examination. If this is not possible, please feel free to send photos of your hair via WhatsApp. We wish you good health.