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elia096 Jan 2024

Experiencing severe pain while removing the temporary crown after a root canal procedure.

Hello, a few weeks ago, I underwent two root canal procedures on adjacent teeth. Subsequently, temporary crowns were placed over both teeth for a period of three weeks. However, when the dental assistant removed the temporary crown from both teeth, I experienced an excruciating level of pain to the point where I almost passed out. Is this level of pain normal following root canals, or could it be related to my gums? The dental staff didn't seem overly concerned, but I'm quite worried about it.

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Dr. Mustafa Yazir
Otolaryngologist & ENT Surgeon

Hello, the root tip is expected to heal after root canal treatment. If this healing is not at a sufficient level, you may feel pain when pressing on the tooth. After a clinical and radiological examination, in such cases, apical resection surgery can be used to remove the unhealed tissue at the tip of the root.