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laineym28 Aug 2023

As a young man, am I a suitable candidate for a lip lift procedure?

Hello! I'm a young man contemplating whether a lip lift would be beneficial for me. When I smile, it appears that my teeth are adequately exposed, but it might be because I'm smiling quite forcefully. Additionally, there is no upper tooth display when I open my mouth, and my philtrum measures at 18mm. Would a lip lift procedure be advantageous in my case?

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Thanks for your question! You could benefit from a lip lift since you want to have your teeth showing more. The measurements for this matter is important. Since you actually don't have too much space between your nose and upper lift, little bit of skin removal will help you. This is completely up to you to decide but having a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help you to understand how much of an improvement can be achieved.