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How Long Does a Temporal Lift Last?

Hey everyone, how long does a temporal lift last? Are they similar to fillers and threads in terms of lasting only a few months to a year?

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Hello, The longevity of an endoscopic temporal lift is permanent. Over time and with aging, sagging may occur after many years. Thread lifts, however, are temporary and generally last about a year before returning to the pre-lift state.

Hi! A temporal lift, especially if done endoscopically, is generally considered to be a long-lasting procedure. Unlike fillers and threads, which might last about a year or so, a well-performed temporal lift can maintain its effects for many years. The longevity really depends on factors like skin quality and age-related changes, but it's more permanent compared to non-surgical options.

Hello! Temporal lifts have a significantly longer duration than most non-surgical procedures like fillers or thread lifts. Typically, the results can last several years. The exact duration can vary depending on individual aging processes and lifestyle factors. It's a great option if you're looking for something more durable than fillers.

That's a great question! Temporal lifts are more of a long-term solution. They're designed to reposition and lift the tissue for a lasting effect, unlike fillers or threads which are temporary fixes. Most patients find that the results hold up well for several years before any significant signs of aging reappear.

Hey! In terms of durability, temporal lifts performed via endoscopic methods are intended to offer permanent results, though natural aging and gravity will eventually alter that over many years. Thread lifts, on the other hand, typically last about a year before the effects begin to diminish and the threads dissolve. So, if you're looking for longevity, a temporal lift is a better bet.

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