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Does breast reduction have any risks?

Hello, I'm 24 years old. Since puberty, my breasts have become large, and it's really troubling me because they cause discomfort at night and put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. Is surgery an option for me, and does it carry any risks?

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Hello. If the breasts are excessively large and of an unconventional size, there is no harm in undergoing a reduction. In fact, the surgery will relieve the pressure caused by the weight of large breasts.

A breast reduction can definitely help alleviate the physical discomfort and health issues associated with having overly large breasts. Many women experience significant relief in back and shoulder pain post-surgery.

You should consult a certified plastic surgeon to discuss the potential risks and benefits. Generally, breast reduction is safe when performed by a qualified surgeon, but like any surgery, it has risks.

Consider looking into physical therapy and exercises that can strengthen your back and shoulder muscles. This might help manage some of the discomfort you're experiencing while you decide about surgery.

If your quality of life is being affected, surgery might be a worthwhile option to consider. Many patients report not only physical relief but also a boost in mental health and self-esteem after breast reduction.

Don’t forget to check what your insurance covers because breast reduction, when deemed medically necessary, is often covered, which can help with the cost.

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